Mid-Winter Yoga

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Mid Winter Yoga

Mid Winter Yoga Workshop

Breathe deeply, stretch and strengthen, and relax completely

Saturday February 15, 9:30 a.m. – noon, North East Arts Council, 25 Vine Street

suitable for new and experienced students

Deb Phillips, certified Yoga Instructor

Yoga Classes in North East PA

Classes resume at Super Stitch, 10429 West Main

Mondays, beginning September 9, 5:30 – 6:30

$10 per class, or 8 classes for $70

Multi-level, appropriate for beginners and those with experience


summer yoga at Trolley Line Vineyards


saturday mornings, 8 a.m.

beginning June 22 and concluding August 24

Multi-level Yoga class suited for beginners and those with experience

Class is held outdoors with shelter available for inclement weather

$10/class  please bring a mat

questions? yogabones3@gmail.com   814.725.4757

Shine your Light

Morning Yoga Flow

A new yoga class at the North East Arts Council

beginning Thursday mornings   April 6  thru May 25

 8 a.m.  –  9 a.m.

North East Arts Council members $8/class; guests $10/class

eight weeks .. members $72/guests $56

Salutations to the Sun … Surya Namaskaar

Exploration of Postures .. Asana

integrated breathing practice .. Pranayama

deep rest …. savasana

Deb Phillips RYT500       814.725.4757   yogabones3@gmail.com



Current yoga schedule : classes held at the North East Arts Council, 25 Vine Street, upstairs. $10/$8 for members.

All classes are multi-level and ALL levels are welcome.

Group yoga classes for special occasions … bridal party, graduation…..


Deb Phillips, Certified Yoga Instructor ERYT200DSC04410


winter’s chill

The Siberian Express is sharing unwelcome frigid temperatures across much of our country. The geese huddle together and we do the same, sharing our warmth. If you are a part of this challenging weather remember to share your warmth with another, honoring the Light that is in us all. That sharing may be a simple gesture of kindness …. a warm smile, a shoveled path, a cup of soup, a hug. As you offer your warmth you will feel it return …. tenfold.


down comfort
down comfort

Meditation 101

If you have been thinking about a meditation practice….hmm, thinking about meditating…..and wondering if you want to know more….”10% Happier” by Dan Harris is a good read. Dan is a TV journalist – Nightline, GMA, 20/20 – and he sprinkles this tale of his journey to mindfulness with anecdotes of well-known public figures from broadcast news. His profession provided an opportunity to meet with some of the most respected professionals in the “field” of meditation and spirituality. He may get a bit self-congratulatory but I appreciated this: ” The act of simply feeling the breath breaks the habits of a lifetime. For those short snatches of time when you are focused on the rise and fall of the abdomen or the cool air entering and exiting the nostrils, the ego is muzzled. You are not thinking, you are being mindful – an innate but underused ability we all have, which allows us to be aware without judging.”