A young vineyard full of vigor and an old vineyard showing the effects of age and environment. I acknowledge that I will not revisit the energetic level of youth but I have pruning shears in my hand, and I seek the resilience of the old vine that is revealed when I chop away at the years of accumulation. Old cordons and new canes in old vines, woven together as the seasons have progressed. The vines stay alive through each year but they grow tired without attention and renewal and the time has come to tend them, to revive them. So many metaphors for my life are in the vineyard and the vines. What can I cut out of my life that is simply taking up energy …. where can I focus my attention to breathe new life into old roots …. my journey of renewal is a slow and deliberate process, like my progress in the vineyard. Resilience … persistence …. characteristics of a concord grapevine

Yoga for Resilience with certified instructor Deb Phillips

Join me for yoga practice at the North East Arts Council, 25 Vine Street

beginning Saturday, November 13 at 9 a.m. – 10:15 a.m.

six weeks $10/class

Classes will include practice to improve posture, balance,

and ease in the mind and body

new and experienced students are welcome

contact with any questions 814.460.5589

Yoga on the Patio

Join us for a relaxing and energizing Sunday morning practice.

The Patio at Five & 20 Spirits and Brewing, Westfield NY offers an inviting and sheltered outdoor location for morning yoga. The class is suitable for any level of experience. Participants are encouraged to bring a mat and a smile! Linger after class to enjoy an included tasty and satisfying beverage.

Outdoor Yoga Classes

Mother Earth is warming and yoga is calling us to return

Classes resume at Trolley Line Vineyards LTD

Farming for Fitness Yoga

Friday happy hour 5 p.m., beginning May 21

Saturday rise and shine at 9 a.m., beginning May 22

$10/class. all levels are welcome. please bring a mat and/or a blanket

classes are outdoors, with some shelter available from rain

text or write with questions 814.460.5589

Classes have concluded for the summer 2021 season

Free Virtual Yoga Classes

Update to this process: I am working to determine the best options for me to share yoga in the virtual environment.

Update 2: The return of outdoor classes is the best option for me to share yoga.


Feed yourself

As Autumn draws us in allow yourself the gift of nourishment. Welcome the slowing of your movements as the weather requires more attention to negotiate when you are outdoors. More time to dress, more time to clear your path, more time to acknowledge your Breath and to make room for it. It is a time to soften, to focus Energy and Spirit to release into Grace as the Earth around you settles deeply into rest.

Life is offering sufficient challenge, and it stirs the restlessness from another time .. a time of planning, of more certainty. But we are here now, and now is more unknown than our experience has prepared us for. Prana, the Energy of life, can be cultivated and as that connection is bound we are returned to Peace. Practice breathing.

Farming for Fitness is my mantra. Join me at Trolley Line Vineyards LTD for seasonal yoga classes. Outdoors, weather permitting. Saturday mornings 8 a.m. beginning late May 2020

Private yoga classes, and guided vineyard and garden walks by appointment

I welcome you to contact me. I love to share the farm.

Farming for Fitness Yoga

welcome to the farm!


I invite you to join me for yoga on at 8 a.m. Saturday mornings. Classes will be outdoors. There is some shelter from rain and we will adjust to conditions. Our practice will offer the opportunity to connect deeply with the Earth and I welcome you to linger in the sanctuary of Mother Nature. If you linger long enough in the gardens I may find work for you ✌ but I will also encourage you to seek a place for quiet contemplation and rest.

$10/class with labor exchange option – there are always weeds to pull!

please bring a mat and any additional requirements for your comfort

if you have any questions please ask 814.460.5589 814.752.4757